Skam Dust from the womb of Skarhead is a thunder bolt of terror, internationally known and locally hated is here to sabotage the stage. Your favorite hero got his start when he was on the lamb touring with the infamous Skarhead in the mid 90’s and that is how he got a better taste of N.Y.H.C. a partner in crime with Lord Ezec from Jackson Heights. Skam Dust grew up in Corona with Hoya from Madball and was always in trouble. Skam and his older brother Nom used to bomb the system with the legendary Mque One. Skam was destined to rock the mic and stir up chaos in the underground with his brothers from the world famous D.M.S. Crew. After the legendary Skarhead tour, Lord Ezec told Skam he should start a band and then Son of Skam was born. Son of Skam did a few things here and there but never really went full throttle with the music. With 3 other singers in the group Skam needed to do his own s… and show the world how his crazy Cuban/Dominican ass destroys the mic. So 2008, Lord Ezec a.k.a Danny Diablo calls up Skam Dust and tells him to set it off! Skam Dust will share his pain through fat beats, now you will get to understand the psychotic mind of Skam Dust as he murders these tracks. So Lord Ezec now brings the heat and flys Skam Dust to L.A. to Nigel Starr’s studio and they bang out a dope ass EP. Skam Records with Natasha Nicholson (Eye-Ra-Haze), CeeKay Jones (The ShotBlockers, D.M.S.), Grizz Rock (Ruff Ryders, The ShotBlockers) and R&B singer/songwriter JayR. With Nigel Starr on the boards and Ezec cracking the whip on the animal known as Skam Dust, Skam Dust is ready to rock. Now Skam Dust has an EP which will drop on Eulogy records this year and is produced by Lord Ezec. This is true Thug-Core straight from The Rotten Apple. Listen to Hardcore O.G. Danny Diablo when he spits on this record and says Now Listen How My Man Skam Dust Gets Down. SKAM DUST, FROM THE WOMB OF SKARHEAD STRAIGHT TO YOUR M… F… FACE.

My lyrics tell my story in the most explicit way possible. These stories are informed by who I am and where I grew up: the Bermuda Triangle of NY called Corona Queens and known to many as Spaghetti Park. It was right out of a mob movie and full of characters. This is where my inner circle began and where my stories came alive. My lyrics tell the stories of my youth, recalling a time when the police and the public were in a state of panic. A time when the 44 Killer, otherwise known as the Son Of Sam, was on the loose and filling the city with terror. Meanwhile, NYC was undergoing a city-wide blackout. My lyrics speak about the excitement that filled the city after the NY Yankees won the World Series and Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in one game. And they speak about the days when graffiti was on every subway train and hip-hop was making noise. My lyrics reminisce about the days spent riding shotgun with my dad, who seemed to work incessantly as a NYC cabbie. Through these rides I glimpsed a world outside of my own neighborhood. I met some real New Yorkers and heard their stories; authentic taxi-cab confessions. Today I write to bring these stories, and my own, to life. As I say in “Five Borough Manhunt”, “If the streets could talk, you wouldn’t want to walk it/ Eyes and hearts have been taken by the pocket.” To understand more, listen to the music and check my new video.

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Skam Dust from the womb of Skarhead, is a thunderbolt of terror, internationally known, locally loved and hated; he is at his best sabotaging the stage. Your favorite hero got his start from day one in the streets of Corona Queens, here is where Skam and his brothers Nom, MQ, Hoya Roc and his first crew "KIDS CREW" was launched from. In the mid-'90's when Skam was on the lam, Lord Ezec aka Danny Diablo invited him to get out of town and go on a U.S. tour with his band Skarhead. After this legendary Skarhead tour, Lord Ezec suggested that Skam should start a band and then not too long after with the help of Sub Zero & Madball Son Of Skam was born !! But this excitement was short lived after 3 years the band dismantled. Skam Dust was destined to rock the mic and stir up chaos so he came back to the music business years later when he received a phone call and support from Danny Diablo. Skam: "With out the help of Ezec the Skam Dust project would not have happened".In the words of Skam Dust:"My lyrics tell my story in the most explicit way possible. These stories are informed by who I am and where I grew up, known to many as Spaghetti Park, a tuff Italian neighborhood, with many characters and people you dont want to fuck with.I recall a time in my youth when crack cocaine and graffiti was on a rise and NYC was under a city-wide blackout which added to the terror already set from The 44 killer, otherwise known as The Son Of Sam. My lyrics reminisce about my experience of days spent taking train rides around this city, hanging out all hours of the night in Corona and riding with my Dad who worked as a (yellow) cab driver. Today I write to bring my New York City experience to life. As I say in "Five Borough Manhunt": "If the streets could talk, you wouldn't want to walk it / Eyes and hearts have been taken by the pocket." To understand more listen to my music & check out my videos". Fast forward to 2010 where Skam Dust is ready to bring you his first full length album "Corona Drug Bust" with a whole bunch of new tunes as well as the classic Son Of Skam tracks! The title track and lead single has guest vocals from long time friend Freddy Madball and the video they shot also features Damian Burnz and Peter Greene... Danny Diablo aka Lord Ezec (Skarhead, Crown Of Thornz), Grizz Rock (Ruff Ryders, Shotblockers), Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis) all laid out guest verses on Skam's latest effort... This is true thug-core straight from "The Rotten Apple!!!". Skam Dust is ready to rock!!

This release is also available as a special limited edition package, containing the Corona Drug Bust CD, a Skam Dust - Corona Drug Bust T-SHIRT and free poster / stickers. There are only a few left: only sizes Medium & Large... Get yours before they're gone....!

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Be sure to cop the new Skam Dust record on ILL-ROC RECORDS this summer!!!
Coming soon to a hood near you 2010 on ILL-ROC.